• Initial release.

  • Documentation in (75%).

  • Added XML and YAML content type support.

  • Added XML and YAML parameter schema.


  • Fix error in selecting fields.


  • Fix error to get exact match in query.

  • Improved execution of action as daemon.

  • Force execution of request even if the LCP operation failed.

  • Accept list of strings for eBPF-Program code.

  • Added Event management.

  • Added Algorithm management.

  • Fixed heartbeat period.

  • Stdout and stderr response format: plain, lines, and JSON.


  • Added option to force the use of HTTPS instead of HTTP.

  • Added support to enable/disable HTTP Authentication.

  • Added pipeline management with CRUD operations.


  • Replaced HTTP Basic with JWT Authentication.

  • Enhanced Log configuration.

  • Preliminary common structure for pipeline.

  • Added encoding_scheme in catalog/algorithm.

  • Added deployment_source in catalog/agent.

  • Added endpoint for LCP communication.

  • Added endpoint for algorithm instance communication.

  • Autorestart script.


  • Support Oauth2 authentication enabled.