To run CB-Manager using python3:

cd cb-manager


Context Broker Manager: Get and update collected data of the service chain with topology information.

usage: python3 [-h] [--host HOST] [--port PORT] [--https] [--auth]
                       [--auth-header-prefix AUTH_HEADER_PREFIX]
                       [--auth-secret-key AUTH_SECRET_KEY] [--oauth2]
                       [--oauth2-client-id OAUTH2_CLIENT_ID]
                       [--oauth2-client-secret OAUTH2_CLIENT_SECRET]
                       [--oauth2-token-check-uri OAUTH2_TOKEN_CHECK_URI]
                       [--oauth2-token-get-uri OAUTH2_TOKEN_GET_URI]
                       [--oauth2-verify OAUTH2_VERIFY]
                       [--hb-timeout HB_TIMEOUT] [--hb-period HB_PERIOD]
                       [--apm-enabled] [--apm-server APM_SERVER]
                       [--es-endpoint ES_ENDPOINT] [--es-timeout ES_TIMEOUT]
                       [--es-retry_period ES_RETRY_PERIOD]
                       [--log-config LOG_CONFIG] [--write-config] [--version]
-h, --help

show this help message and exit

--host <host>, -o <host>

Hostname/Ip of the REST Server

--port <port>, -p <port>

TCP Port of the REST Server

--https, -q

Force to use HTTPS instead of HTTP

--auth, -t

Enable JWT authentication

--auth-header-prefix <auth_header_prefix>, -x <auth_header_prefix>

Prefix in the JWT authentication header

--auth-secret-key <auth_secret_key>, -k <auth_secret_key>

Secret key for JWT authentication

--oauth2, -j

Enable OAuth2/JWT authentication

--oauth2-client-id <oauth2_client_id>, -c <oauth2_client_id>

Client ID for OAuth2/JWT authentication

--oauth2-client-secret <oauth2_client_secret>, -g <oauth2_client_secret>

OAuth2 secret for OAuth2/JWT authentication

--oauth2-token-check-uri <oauth2_token_check_uri>, -u <oauth2_token_check_uri>

URI for check OAuth2/JWT authentication

--oauth2-token-get-uri <oauth2_token_get_uri>, -a <oauth2_token_get_uri>

URI for get OAuth2/JWT authentication

--oauth2-verify <oauth2_verify>, -i <oauth2_verify>

Path to the TLS certificate for OAuth2/JWT authentication

--hb-timeout <hb_timeout>, -b <hb_timeout>

Timeout (with unit, e.g.: 10s) for heartbeat with LCP

--hb-period <hb_period>, -r <hb_period>

Period (with unit, e.g.: 1min) for the heartbeat with the LCP

--apm-enabled, -n

Enable Elastic APM integration

--apm-server <apm_server>, -m <apm_server>

Elastic APM hostname/IP:port

--es-endpoint <es_endpoint>, -e <es_endpoint>

Elasticsearch server hostname/IP:port

--es-timeout <es_timeout>, -s <es_timeout>

Timeout (with unit, e.g.: 10s) for the connection to Elasticsearch

--es-retry_period <es_retry_period>, -y <es_retry_period>

Period (with unit, e.g.: 1min) to retry the connection to Elasticsearch

--log-config <log_config>, -l <log_config>

Path of the log configuration file (e.g. log.yaml)

--write-config, -w

Write options to config.ini

--version, -v

Show version